Dress Code

Standard of dress and general appearance will, at all times, determine the privilege of all Members and visitors to use the facilities of the Club.

Fashions change from time to time, but the principle is that clothes must be neat, clean and commensurate with that expected of a prestigious private golf club. The General Manager maintains the flexibility to alter these rules for special occasions.

The Committee will determine what is suitable attire and Committee Members, together with the General Manager, Club Professional and designated staff, will require compliance by a Member or visitor where appropriate.

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Golf Course and Practice Facilities

Acceptable Dress


–    Tailored trousers or shorts worn with a belt.

–    Shorts must be approximately knee length.

–    Men with shorts must wear white or black  socks (may have discreet logo) that are visible at or above the ankle.

–    Golf shirts must be worn tucked in. Shirts may include collared, skivvy and mock collar styles.

–    If golf shoes are fitted with spikes, only those with soft spikes are permitted.


–    Golf shirts may be worn either tucked in or neatly over pants. Shirts may include collared, skivvy and mock collar styles.

–    Full length or three quarter pants.

–    Skirts, skorts and tailored shorts are acceptable, as long as no shorter than mid – thigh.

–    If golf shoes are fitted with spikes, then only those with soft spikes are permitted.

Not Acceptable Dress

–    Tops displaying large motifs or advertising.

–    Shirts without collars such as T-shirts and singlets.

–    Denim of any description.

–    Three quarter length pants for men.

–    Slacks tucked into socks.

–    Tracksuit pants/tops, football shorts or any type of gymnasium attire, including hoods, cargo pants and drawstring pants.

–    Metal spikes, running shoes, thongs, sandals or bare feet.

–    Caps should not be turned backwards or worn in the upstairs indoor clubhouse.


–    Smart, casual dress including clean conforming golf attire may be worn in the Dining Room and Bar area unless stipulated otherwise for a specific function.

–    Plain, neat dress denim is permitted.

–    Golf hats or caps are not permitted to be worn in the upstairs area of the Clubhouse.

–    Thongs and bare feet are not permitted.


–    Button through shirts with a collar designed to be worn over trousers are acceptable.

–    Shirts without collars are not acceptable.

–    Dress shoes with socks or boat shoes without socks are permitted.

–    Sandals are not permitted.


–    Dress sandals are permitted.

Please note: Members are at all times responsible for the attire of their guests. Guests must be informed of dress requirements in advance to avoid embarrassment. The Riversdale Golf Club Management has instructed all staff to strictly enforce the above dress requirements and their judgement as to the suitability of attire shall be considered final.



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