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2023 Changes to the Rules of Golf

There are a number of changes to the Rules of Golf effective January 1st 2023. The major changes that will impact on everyday play relate to Damaged Clubs and a Ball moved by Natural Forces. Whilst many of the other changes are minor in nature, members are recommended to read the explanation and links provided below.



Rules of Golf effective 1 January 2019

The new Rules of Golf come in to play on January 1 2019. Golfers are encouraged to begin learning the new rules, but are reminded that these changes DO NOT come into effect until January 1st. A great overview of the new rules can be found on YouTube:

Modernisation of Rules

The official Modernisation of Rules is outlined on the R&A site This gives the R&A’s general overview as well as outstanding, easy to understand, specific video presentations on key Rules Changes, and is being added to all the time.

As a starting point Members are encouraged to view the video clips: Dropping the Ball, Putting Greens and Penalty Areas. However don’t be limited by this, and as time permits view each of the other clips on the site and broaden your knowledge of the 2019 Modernisation.

Finding the Rules Online

Then, it is worth going to the where the online version of the new Rules are located.

The Player’s Edition of the 2019 Rules Of Golf has now been released and is now available to Members (free) from the Golf Shop and Office.

Getting the App

In addition, the Rules of Golf 2019 can be downloaded as a free App on your own phone or other device (see picture of app home screen below)



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