Riversdale Cup History

Riversdale Cup History

Australia’ second oldest amateur 72-hole golf tournament is The Riversdale Cup. It is one of the most highly participated events in the Australian amateur golf calendar. More than 250 men and women from around the world compete in the event each year at Riversdale, which has gained the enviable title as the home of amateur golf in Australia.

This title is due to its rich heritage, having been played annually since 1896, except for the War years and is a ‘must play’ event for young Australian golfers seeking to represent Australia in the Eisenhower Cup. It is also regarded as the ‘stepping stone’ to the professional golf circuit. The winner is also entitled to play in the British Amateur and earn points for entry to the European Amateur and for the prestigious US Mark McCormack Medal.

The Cup’s women’s tournament is the oldest 72-hole amateur stroke play tournament in Australian women’s golf, having been played annually since 1959. It carries with it the prestige of being the highest credentialed event (a national ranking event, WGV State Ranking and State Averages Trophy Event and a Karrie Webb Series Event).

 In another innovative step in keeping with modern trends in society, today’s Riversdale Cup is played as a combined Men’s and Women’s tournament attracting players from all over the world. The history of the Cups is such that most of Australia’s leading professional golfers have played in the tournament over the years, including Jason Day, Adam Scott, Mark Leishman, Geoff Ogilvy, Robert Allenby, Aaron Baddeley – the list goes on and on..

Many famous names are included in the list of Riversdale Cup winners:

Men’s Winners

1896 Anderson, M. L.
1897 Huggins, T. S.
1898 Anderson, P. C.
1899 Anderson, P. C.
1900 Howden, H. A.
1901 Mclntyre
1902 Anderson, P. C.
1903 Whyte, L. A.
1904 Hyland, H. L.
1905 Scott, The Hon. M.
1906 Morrison, H.
1907 Murdoch, F. G.
1908 No Meeting
1909 Morrison, G. C.
1910 Murdoch, F. G.
1911 Lempriere, A. R.
1912 Whitton, I. H.
1913 Whitton, I. H.
1914 Murdoch, F. G.
1915/18 No Meetings
1919 Jackson, A. W.
1920 Fawcett, C. H.
1921 Pearce, Bruce
1922 Pearce Bruce
1923 Schlapp, E. G.
1924 Pearce, Bruce
1925 Whitton, I. H.
1926 Whitton, I. H.
1927 No Meeting
1928 Lemann, F. H.
1929 Russell, Alex
1930 Williams, H. L.
1931 Russell, Alex
1932 Williams, H. L.
1933 Ryan, M. J.
1934 Williams, H. L.
1935 Ryan, M. J.
1936 Edgar, W. A.
 1937 Higgins, W. A.
1938 Rae, A. V.
1939/45 No Meetings
1946 Duffy, L. A.
1947 Higgins, W. A.
1948 Higgins, W. A.
1949 Launder, A. P.
1950 Doughton, D. P. J.
1951 Cade, D.
1952 Duffy, L. A.
1953 Kennett, F. T.
1954 Kendler, D. B.
1955 Rae, A. V.
1956  Crow, P. D.
1957 West, B.
1958 Hartley, K. W.
1959 Bull, R. L.
1960 Hood, J. R.
1961 Crow, T. L.
1962 Crow, T. L.
1963 Hartley, K. W.
1964 Hartley, K. W.
1965 Hartley, K. W.
1966 Britten W. J.
1967 Hartley, K. W.
1968 Hartley, K. W.
1969  Britten W. J.
1970 Hicks, G. R.
1971 Hartley, K. W.
1972 Titheridge, N. W.
1973 Reiter, A. J.
1974 Britten W. J.
1975 Henley, T. G.
1976 Hartley, K. W.
1977 Hartley, K. W.
 1978 Hartley, K. W.
 1979 Routley, E. G.
 1980  Sowden, G. W.
1981 Clayton, M. A.
1982 Henley, T. G.
1983 Lindsay, J. D.
1984 Longley, C. (NSW)
1985 Taylor, S. P. (QLD)
1986 Sammels, M. C.
1987  Taylor, S. P. (QLD)
1988 Ecob, D. J. (NSW)
1989 Moloney, P.
1990 Allenby, R.
1991 Allenby, R.
1992  Peterson, L. (NSW)
 1993  Dawes, J.
1994  Peterson, L. (NSW)
1995  Eagleton, L. (QLD)
1996  Moseley, J. (WA)
1997  McLean, J.
1998  Jones, B. (NSW)
1999  Baddeley, A.
2000  Webster, A.
2001  Jones, S. (NSW)
2002  Moir, R. (QLD)
2003  Barnes, K. (NSW)
2004  Sim, M (WA)
2005  Holten, M (NZ)
2006  Dartnell, S (WA)
2007  Stewart, T (NSW)
2008  Arnold, S (NSW)
2009  Sherratt, J (SA)
2010  Jeong, J (VIC)
2011  Holman, N (VIC)
2012  Higginbottom, J (NSW)
2013  Watt, B (WA)
2014  Ruffels, R (VIC)
2015  Smyth, T (NSW)
2016 Endycott, H (NSW)
2017  Perry, D (NSW)
 2018 Thompson, J (SA)
2019 Crabtree C (QLD)

Women’s Winners

1959 Cheney, B
1960 Waugh,T
1961 Masters, M
1962 Coulson, B
1963 Cheney, B
1964 Tompkins, P
1965 Burgess, B
1966 Clayton, J
1967 Coulson, B
1968 Seery, J
1969 Coulson, B
1970 Burgess, B
1971 Williams, S
1972 Williams, S
1973 Coulson, B
1974 McCaw, I
1975 Clayton, J
1976 Lock, J
1977 Lock, J


Briers, L

1979 McCaw, I
1980 Briers, L
1981 Edmonds, P
1982 Smith, S.L
1983 Howe, A
1984 Briers, L
1985 Briers, L
1986 Dillion, B
1987 Pavich, D
1988 Faneco, D
1989 McDonald, R
1990 Briers, L
1991 Young, D
1992 White, R
1993 Scerri, M
1994 Wheelhouse, A
1995 Holl, T
1996 Bannerman, A
1997 Ellis, M


Ellis, M

1999 Wright, L
2000 Uwland, V
2001 Wilkinson, H
2002 Lynch, J
2003 Kemp, S
2004 Lacey, D
2005 Garrett, N
2006 Lim, I
2007 Lim, I
2008 Boland, J
2009 Dewhurst, A
2010 Speechley, J
2011 Cho, C
2012 Hillier, W
2013 Lennon, G
2014 Shin, S
 2015 Keh, M
 2016   Hodgkins, K
 2017  Davidson, K
 2018 Kay, R 
2019 Nishimura, Y


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