Riversdale Cup 2014

Riversdale Cup 2014, Winners Ryan Ruffels and Shelly Shin..

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11 March: Waverley Leader
10 March: The Age
9 Mar: Final Days Play (click here)
9 March: Herald Sun
9 Mar: Day 4 News (click here)
9 Mar: Shelly Shin and Ryan Ruffels wins! click here
9 Mar: Day 3 Interviews (click)
9 Mar: Day 3 News (click here)
9 Mar: Daily Event Winners (click here)
9 Mar: Riversdale Cup Sponsors Day Interviews (click here)
8 Mar: Riversdale Cup 2014 Day 4 Draw, Sunday 9 March (click here) 9 March: LIVE Leaderboards:
Men’s Progressive

Women’s Progressive

8 Mar: Day 2 news (click here)
Sunday Transport Times – Click  8 March: LIVE Leaderboards:
Men’s Progressive

Women’s Progressive

7 Mar: Day 2 Riversdale Cup 2014 Morning Highlights
Saturday Transport times click here  7 Mar: Todd Sinnott Hole In One
(Click Here)  7 Mar: Day One (Click Here)
Day 1 Riversdale Cup 2014 Highlights clip  4 Mar:  Waverley Leader Newspaper (click here)  

 4 Mar: Sponsor’s event and live SEN broadcast from Riversdale.

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  28 Feb: announcing SEN to broadcast live from Riversdale on Tuesday, 4 March.  Web ad.  27 Feb: Top Amateurs descend…  24 Feb: The cut-off handicap for male entries without an exemption was +0.8 and there are currently 43 entries on the waiting list.  If vacancies occur, the highest ranking entry on the waiting list, in terms of Condition 3.6, will be contacted.  20 Feb: Entrants Note: Details re: Confirmation of Entry (or otherwise), Practice times, The Sponsors Event and Draws will follow on or after Tuesday, 25 Feb  20 Feb: Entries Closed 5pm, Wednesday, 19 February 2014.  Late entries will be accepted and added to the reserve list only in accordance with Condition 3.6. Late Entry Forms (click here)     


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Corporate Golf

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Lunch & Dinner

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